Bulldog Baco Noir

This wine has flavors of plum, cherry, chocolate, and blackberries on the nose.  Aged in American Oak for 8 months before bottling giving the wine a vanilla and spice finish.  This wine is bold and intense and perfect for red meat dishes.  


The story of Baco started as an idea in the early 1950’s.  An idea shared between good friends, Greyton H. Taylor and Philip Wagner. Both wanted to establish non native vineyards in the North East.  The two friends traveled extensively through Europe in search of vines that were more hardy and adaptable to the humid climate and cold winters.  Greyton fell in love with Baco in France and was able to convince Philip Wagner’s wife to stow grape cuttings in her purse allowing them to get the vines past customs.  In 1958, Greyton planted the first Baco Noir vineyard in the United States right up on Bully Hill.  Virtually all Baco vines in the United States have been sourced from these first plantings. 

We’ve been making wine from these hearty vines for over 58 years. Our first vintage was in 1967 and the majority of our varietal Baco Noir is estate grown.

Generally this varietal is known for its ripe raspberry flavors yet our wine maker Gregg Learned believes our estate Baco is a unique clone due to its pronounced cracked black pepper character. Other pronounced flavors include chocolate flavors from fermentation and vanilla aging with American Oak.  

Thank you to the rest of our growers; Bill Eastman, Jim Pizura, and Matt Doyle enabling us to source our Baco locally.


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